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SEPTeurope is a globally operating European company specialized in semiconductor test services. Founded in 1990, its main office is located in Baierbrunn, a small city outside of Munich/Germany. After its establishment in Germany, SEPTeurope also opened a branch in Budapest/Hungary. Over the past 14 years, SEPTeurope has become a well-known and trusted partner of the largest semiconductor and automatic test equipment manufacturers. Beyond responding to immediate needs of the industry, SEPTeurope participates in the ongoing R&D activities of the field and has formed and nurtured mutually profitable relationships with universities all over Europe and other international academic institutions.

SEPTeurope helps its customer with a wide variety of testing problems. While providing our services, we put special attention on maintaining a close collaboration with our customers and place the needs of our customers first. Our highly qualified and experienced engineers offer exceptional expertise in test systems and the commonly used devices families.